Burn The Bridge



  1. Forever And A Day
  2. Working Man
  3. Waiting Around
  4. For A Friend
  5. Ghosts Of The Playground
  6. Burn The Bridge
  7. Nomad
  8. I Get Lost
  9. Grandfather Sleep
  10. 2am Serenade
  11. Sweet Sincere
  12. Coming For You Anyway
  13. Memo #1

Born from the ashes of a sleeping volcano, a violent eruption spews out the band’s 3rd album that rains hot symphonic lava and infiltrates your gentle ears.  Armed with a thousand adrenaline fueled horses, Burn The Bridge tears into your psyche in what seems to be a feverish dash to the finish line.  There’s no doubt, a wall of sonic fury pushes against your chest with a relentless hammering and doesn’t let up.  Sprinkle a smidge of crooning romanticized balladeer and a dash of primordial ocelot clamor and you get a insanely infectious hook-laden discoidal that is Burn The Bridge!

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