Petrol / Two Minute Hate (Comp)



  1. Petrol / Two Minute Hate

Really? It’s 2018, science and technology has paved the way for 3D printed body parts, self-driving cars, and cute little vacuums that’ll clean your floor while you video-chat with your cousin who lives half-way across the world using a magical device in your hand, and we’re STILL dealing with Nazis? The election of Donald Trump in the USA brought fascism back into the mainstream with khaki-clad, tiki torch-carrying racists feeling once again empowered to spout words of hate and bigotry without much repercussion. After all, their supreme leader is literally trying to keep “bad hombres” out by building a wall and banning travel from “shithole” countries.

Protests and social media rants aside, we wanted to do something to let people know they are not alone in wanting to live on a peaceful planet where people treat each other with respect, common decency, and compassion, regardless of differences in heritage, beliefs, or culture. You know, the stuff we learned in kindergarten. So we put out a call to bands who wanted to help spread the message that there’s “no place for hate” in this brilliant and beautiful world anymore.

Hope you enjoy this compilation of songs against fascism.

Keep that head and fist raised high!

Cover art by Lucas Andrews.

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released March 1, 2018