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I know,  I know, I KNOW!  We’ve been slacking on the whole Drink of the Month thing.  But you know how life can be.  One minute you’re enjoying the warmth of the sun, the nice brisk breeze gently skipping over the ocean waters, then BAM!  A storm hits!  It shakes your boat, rattles your cage, calls the cops on you!  What?  Why so dramatic?

So for the past 2 months or so, we decided why not start this whole “Drink Of The Month” off with a bang!  Lets brew our own beer!  Lets use a lot of explanation points too while we’re at it!!!  And we shall call this Beer…. Gasoline Kills.

We called up a friend who is a home brewer (Gentleman Phil Lingenfelter of Lingenbraü – also Dave’s brother) and asked him if he’d be interested in concocting a tasty blend for us and he said Yes!  I guess being asked at gun point sped up the decision process too, but that’s besides the point.  We gave him a pointer.  Whiskey (Bourbon), Coffee, Dark, and strong on the alcohol percentage.

This is what he came up with:

“An Oak Aged, Coffee and Bourbon Imperial Stout to pump your veins with pure octane!  At 10% (possibly more) ABV and 100 IBU, it’s sure to kickstart your night, and rev you up for California Punk N’ Roll!”

And to make things better?  We filmed it all – well most of it…  It’s coming to you in 4 parts and since, at the time of this here work of literary genius, we’re still 2 weeks out until we taste it in all of it’s glory, part 4 isn’t filmed yet.  Part 4 will basically be us acting like fools and getting drunk off our own beer because we’re narcissistic assholes.

So enough of me raping your eyes with words, watch Part Juan (That’s Spanish for One) of the video in the Gasoline Kills Beer Day Series!

Well aren’t we special.  Part two in our quest for Gasoline Kills beer.  Watch here and now!

Ok lads and ladies!  Here is Part 03 of our Beer Day Trilogy!  Check it out and enjoy!

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