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Gasoline Kills is California based Punk Rock and Roll band created by longtime friends Dave Lingenfelter (Guitar, Vocals), Tim Sabic (Guitar, Vocals), Brian D’Ingee (Drums). They later added bassist of Vultures United, Colby Benbow, to fill in the low end. DIY at it’s finest, Gasoline Kills released it’s debut album, Give Up Chorus, on March 15th (digital) and April 20th (physical) on their own brand of label. The album features 10 original tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered all by themselves. No special voice effects, no metronomes, all straight rock.

Once described as “A little punk, a little rock and roll…Like Donnie and Marie”, Gasoline Kills lets it’s sound flow through you like electricity in water. Encouraged sing a longs and sweet dance moves, they make you feel welcomed. The band as a whole, promotes spreading their music around in any way possible. As the liner notes in their album “Give Up Chorus” says: “Please make copies and upload this to torrent sites. Give to friends. No matter where you are in world, support your local music scene, buy local, shop local. you and I are the heart of this world, keep it beating. Spread love and respect.” It’s a new punk revolution.

Fast forward to late 2014.  It seemed the band may have met it’s demise.  For some unearthly reason, it just faded into the great abyss do many bands tend to find themselves.  Almost a whole year passed before Ex-Vlad drummer and brother to Dave, Phil Lingenfelter stepped up to the plate and said he’s play drums for us.  Shortly after old highschool mate Jeff Dixon came in and jumped on bass.  This, as of now is the current line up.

Dave Lingenfelter // Guitar & Vocals

Jeff Dixon // Bass

Phil Lingenfelter // Drums

Tim Szabics // Guitar & Vocals

On March 15th of 2013, Gasoline Kills also teamed up with Las Vegas based indie label GC Records to help launch their digital distribution.

Influences range from: The Bouncing Souls, The Gaslight Anthem, The Copyrights, Dear Landlord, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Bob Dylan, The Night Marchers, The Police, Zeke, Foo Fighters, The Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, The Bronx and so many more.

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