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It’s been a lot of hard work, but extremely fun too.  We started recording January of 2013 and 3 months later we had 14 songs in the bag.  Polished and ready to go.  You said 14 songs, why is there only 10 on the LP?  Well, that is a wonderful question and I’m glad you asked!  First of all, we’re a huge fan of albums that run no longer than 30 minutes, and with 10 blazing songs, we clocked this album in just under 29 minutes.  And secondly, we’ll put those other 4 on an EP later called  “Big Time EP.”  Now back to the topic at hand.

We know how the economy is.  We understand that like us, you might be broke but that shouldn’t hinder you from rocking out to some good tunes.  We’ve placed the “Give Up Chorus LP” up on bandcamp with a name your own price.  By all means, don’t feel guilty if you download it for free.  If you’d like to pay some money, that is also greatly appreciated.  But the bottom line here is we encourage you to download it for free.  And if you do, send a friend over to do the same.  Burn it to a CD, give to a friend.  Upload it to a torrent site.  If you come to a show, we’ll give you a free CD.  April 20th (also, a CD release show – more details later) is when we’ll have a physical CD.  We will have special handmade CD covers/sleeves that we will sell, but trust me, it’ll be cheaper than a drink at a bar!

This album is not just for us, but for you – a friend, a fan, family, a human being.  We all need to learn the art of giving without expecting something.  Today, we give to you.  Thank you to everyone who has been apart of this album, those who came in and helped with additional vocals (Brian Jones of Seven Dirty Words and Tom Troup), and those who took and continue to take a chance on us.  Com’n, bring it in ya bastards, group hug!

Now, get the Gasoline Kills “Give Up Chorus LP“<——–there!

Hope to see all your beautiful faces rocking out soon!

Hearts and loves and stuff,


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