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You may be asking: “You look different?  Did you change something?  I mean, you’re still the same, but….different.”  And my answer is “YES!”  It’s called updating the website!  I’ve neglected it and I feel bad, so I took some time out and updated everything.  What’s new?  Added some photos to the gallery from a few shows by the always awesome Salsphotos!  Added some more videos to the Video page and I fixed some other things behind the scenes for stability and functionality (insert big words here).  Also added a cool little Instagram widget thingy.  So if you hashtag your Instagram photos with #gasolinekills, they should show up.  We’ll see how well that works out.  Still a work in progress.

Also, I made brownies.  This has nothing to do with the site.  Nor will I share them.

Another thing that was added was a little heart below videos, posts, galleries and what not.  Click that little heart, show some love.  This does nothing except make sure the polar icecaps don’t melt.  This is a lie too.

What else can I write in this?

OH!  Now this might not ever happen but Dave and I (or is Me and Dave? – whatever) have been talking like a couple of chatty teenagers on the phone about stupid shit and I decided we should stop that because it’s starting to get weird and maybe you should sit down in front of a couple of mics and record it for a Gasoline Kills podcast series.  Because, if you know any of us, you know we’re very opinionated and not so smart either so it should make for good radio.

Annnnnywhooooo, I’m not good with sign off soooo, peace and keep on keep’n on.

I’ll try to keep this thing updated more…


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