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So, I wanted to write a little update for everyone and let you guys and gals in on what’s been going on.  We have been relatively quiet as for as shows are concerned. And here is why.  Back in January (2014), our brother and band mate Brian decided to take a break from the band indefinitely for personal reasons.  And being friends first, band mates second, we supported his decision %100.  He may not be in the band anymore, but he is still apart of our lives and family.  And he was a major staple in creating what Gasoline Kills is today.  We love you brother and we wish you the best of luck in the coming years!

Now what, right?  Well, as you may or may not know, drummers are a rare breed.  Finding a good one who understands our style is even more rare.  We tried a few really kick ass drummers out, but either geographical distance would have made it impossible or awesome drummer – wrong time – played in.  We even turned to Craigslist – and had a few unsuccessful bites from there.  It started looking pretty bleak out there for Gasoline Kills.  I (Tim) suggested a drum machine and turning it into a 90’s industrial grunge pop rock fuzz band – Dave then smacked me.  Months felt like years.  Then, in the distance, there was light.  Colby’s old band mate from Vultures United, Josh Berzansky stepped up to the plate and hit the ball straight out of the park.  I think it bounced off a few cars in the parking lot too.  Possibly hit an old lady, I don’t know, there was a lot of commotion going on.  With that, we welcome Josh into the family and Gasoline Kills is back on track to making sweet musical love to your ears!

We’re looking at shows beginning in late May early June.

Vacation is over kids – Now, let’s rock!


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