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So, yeah. How are you? Good. That’s real good. How’s the family? Still keep’n on keep’n’n…n? RAD!

So, yeah, about that whole “I’m going to be a responsible adult and keep this site updated” thing… It’s been 4 years since I wrote that. So after a depressing (and very unsightly) downward spiral of a drunk’n hatred of myself, I then felt bad about not updating this thing.

But hey! LOOK! I did it! It’s updated. All fresh and clean like Charlie Sheen straight out of rehab. Now I realize that example is way not relevant nor factually actuate, but I’m not here to be your life coach, or am I? I don’t know, I just showed up.

In all seriousness, it’s not like we haven’t been do’n stuff. We got a new drummer and then we got ANOTHER new drummer. We also got a new bassist. I know, it looks like Gasoline Kills is the equivalent of a revolving door of stepmoms. That was rude, I didn’t mean that. We also recorded a new album, played some shows, took a small break, recorded some poorly adapted cover songs and recorded a rad song(s) for a rad comp GC Records released. I got a hair cut and gained weight, so there’s also that.

There still needs some slight updating to do in thee ole merchandise area. We got new shirts, pins and stickers. So we’ll get all that fun stuff up super quick like.


We are super delighted to bring forth this amazing comp we were grateful to be apart of.  In true GK fashion, we re-recorded an old song, but we also recorded a brand spanking new melody called Two Minute Hate.  It’s was for GC Records’ “No Place For Hate – Volume 1”.  I know, I know.  You’re asking “But Tim, it’s 2018, shouldn’t we have moved passed this whole ‘hate’ thing?”  The answer is Yes.  But apparently, we still need to remind some people.    So check it out below.  It’s free. Rock out!

Anyway, before I tell you some deeply creepy personal things, I’m going to go. But I’ll be back with more amazing news and stuffs and things and a few whatevers.

Until then! Listen to this badassery of radness!